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Life in one-liners

Below are one-liners I've heard in the past week since my trip away from home.

"I thought Daddy quit his job; why is he leaving again?" 
- Boy 1's sadness at another separation.

"I made a card for you about 60 times so I'm out of ideas."
- The inscription in Boy 2's card he made for me before leaving.

"The revolution has given us freedom."
- Young man at a shop selling me water in Tunis.

"Upright your seat!!!" 
- Flight attendant barking out orders to passengers, economy class, Turkish Airlines from Tunis to Istanbul

"More champagne, sir?"
- Different flight attendant, business class, same airline, Istanbul to Amman

"In Jordan, we are the most peaceful country in the region; really it is the quietest."
- Driver picking me up from the airport in Amman, one day before a protest in the city leaves several people injured.

"I love how they've redecorated the place since the bomb blast."
- Friend of mine, yesterday, upon admiring the efforts undertaken to redecorate the Landmark Hotel in Amman after it was bombed a few years ago as the Radisson.

"Be careful, honey."
- My darling wife. And yes, I always am.

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